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Team Meeting



Santhosh Thomas

Secretary  & Chief Functionary

Jamtara a quaint village in Santhal Pargana with Chittaranjan (West Bengal) to the east and Bihar to the North, witnessed the arrival of two British missionaries (Mr. W.S Body and Ellen Body to join the Budhudih Mission (currently BBTI/EES campus was once called Budhudih Mission) in 1870. The first order of business for them was to start a village school at Budhudih Mission to educate the children in and around Jamtara. The last British missionary who lived at the Budhudih Mission, was  Miss. Grace E. George  who later in 1989 handed over the land and other resources of the mission to BBTI. The following founders of BBTI were Late Mr. A D Shenoy, Late Mr. George Kurian were instrumental in starting Edwards English School (EES) in 1995. Their faith in God helped meet the various needs to start the school in a very small scale, so that that every children of Jamtara , even the poor ones could pursue education at EES.  Today EES is a shining light and beacon of hope for the children of Jamtara and is leading the way in education.

Subsequently, I arrived in Jamtara in the summer of 2000 where I was encouraged to carry on the baton to make EES a leading educational institution in India. EES, since has grown exponentially pursuant to my arrival with several new buildings, a library with large array of books, large playing fields, new teaching and non teaching staffs, a total campus make over and over 1500 students in Nursery to 10th grades that follow ICSE syllabus.We are thankful to God for using us for the expansion of the school in every aspect. This is one of the best places for our children to learn and to grow both in academics and extra curricular activities . We have a holistic approach to education and life. The Edwardians are the first generation in Jamtara who are fluent in English and many of our ex-students are studying in prestigious colleges in India. The school is providing a foundation in education for time and eternity. We are proud of the fact that we have been able to achieve  100% success rate in our 10th board exams which is a testament to the great work done by our well qualified and excellent teaching faculty.


I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the Board of Directors, well - wishers, all the Principals ( current and past), teachers, all our staff, EES Alumni, EES student body and EES Community. Above all, I want to thank God for the sustaining grace that saw us through the pandemic and provided us all that we needed so far.

We trust God to take the work of EES forward.

May God Bless you all.
Santhosh Thomas

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